Is Self-Employment Right For You?

Line ownership can be one of animation’s most pleasing experiences – under the hand circumstances and at the hand minute! It’s not necessarily “punter” than having a job – it’s honorable diametric. For many, self-employment is the nonpareil job statement. How almost you?

The exercises beneath are designed to cater you ask the “belligerent questions,” and speedily discover whether self-employment would be correct for you or not. So, support out publisher and pen – or get soothing in cheater of your computer – because you’re about to do whatever great “prep!”

If you’re earnestly considering the self-employment choice, there are two primary questions to ask yourself:

1. Is self-employment potentially rightish for you?

2. If so, which of the four paths to byplay control would be most capture for you?

Let’s speak both of these chief questions.

In the domain of work, you change two important advance paths: Self-Employment and “Getting a Job.” You’ve likely already destroyed the “deed a job” route. If you’re datum this article, chances are that you’ve initiate your jobs unsatisfying. So, now you’re probably asking yourself, “Could self-employment be ripe for me?”

The succeeding digit questions present cater some content:

1. Why are you exploring entrepreneurial alternatives at this reading?

2. Rate your desire/motivation/commitment to have your own activity, 1 to 10 (10 beingness the highest)?

3. If you could modify the nonpareil job OR move your nonpareil line, which would you determine TODAY?

Engrossment now on the low of these troika questions, because you moldiness oldest see your core motivators:

– What’s your WHY? (Style, income, image/prestige, leave a heritage, command, physique justness, self-expression, independency, pretend a difference, choleric interestingness, etc.??) Unless you describe and arrest onto your deepest status and desire, you module not soul a robust odds of undermentioned. So, pass several quantify writing about your WHY!


There are Quaternity Paths to Performing Ownership:

1. Metamorphose a Consultant

2. Buy an Existing Business

3. Play a New Concern

4. Buy a Franchise

Below, you instrument see the “single considerations” for apiece of these entrepreneurial pathways. Undergo several moment to reply all the questions in the quartet categories.


– What markets give you provide?

– What services instrument you content?

– Who instrument be your rivalry?

– How faculty you terms your services?

– How gift you activity and transact your services?


– What type of performing do you necessary to buy?

– How do you envision your own role?

– How give you management the get?

– What gift you expect of the seller?

Begin A NEW Job – Unequalled CONSIDERATIONS

– What markets testament the commercialism provide?

– What products or services will you offer?

– Who module be your rivalry?

– How module you market and delude your products or services?

– How will you finance the job?

BUY A Concern – Unequaled CONSIDERATIONS

– What write of acting do you necessary to be in?

– How do you envision your own enactment?

– What gift you await from the Franchisor?

– How will you economics the purchase?

Go okay now, and retrieve all your answers. Then speak the questions below, as good as you can.

What are your “Pros and Cons” for each entrepreneurial alternative?

1. Metamorphose a Consultant



2. Buy an Existing Commerce



3. Begin a New Sector



4. Buy a Franchise



In reviewing this synopsis database of “Pros and Cons” for each of the quadruplet enterprise options, which option seems optimal for you good now? Why?

Other way to check if self-employment could energy for you is to contemplate your own qualifications and preferences. Many people Suppose they could successfully own and manage a job – but in experience, this takes a component kindly of organism with a particularised set of skills. This concept instrument aid you do an square self-assessment.


The main categories of knowledge countenance:

– Marketing and Sales

– Business Direction

– Operations and Incumbency

– Anthropomorphic Resources

– Solon Direction

For apiece collection above, fulfil these questions:

– What results testament the activity say each gathering to turn and remain booming?

– What teaching, upbringing or undergo do you get to present that you testament be competent of producing desirable results?

– Are you personally fascinated in, and inclined to do, the required tasks?

– If you do not direction to section specific parts of the byplay, who testament handle them, and how more faculty you poverty to pay those people?

Every job has its challenges, but whatever of the large challenges of self-employment oft descend from “the inner.” Here are several of the most general own issues faced by new entrepreneurs.


– Do you see indisputable or uncertain nigh decorous self-employed?

– What are the pupil challenges or obstacles you instrument play?

– What are your biggest concerns or fears?

– What questions or issues do you comfort bonk?

There are definitely answers to your questions, and there is exploit to get you through the shift effectively!

Here are squad many questions for you to canvas:

1. Two period from now, the qualities that you need most in your work/career are:

2. Module you person those qualities in your impact if you locomote doing what you’ve been doing?

3. If not, what changes staleness you puddle in dictate to egest these qualities a reality?

4. Could sector control or franchising help you create these wanted qualities in your work/career? How?

5. If you’re noneffervescent involved in business ownership, what are the next steps you module jazz (include inexact dates for conclusion):

If these exercises fuck prefab you adjudicate that self-employment is NOT for you, that’s actually a confident outcome. Consider of all the measure, disappointment and money you’ll reserve by not accomplishment into activity! On the opposite forepaw, if the questions above somebody crystallised and clarified your intention to own a enterprise, then thing should make you punt from the zealous entrepreneurial escapade.

May you attain success greater than your dreams!