Stratox brings you solutions focusing on strategy and optimization across all the business functions.

Be efficient & optimize your business processes

Start improving your operational efficiency, save time and resources whilst boosting your company’s growth. We can help you calculate your return on investment and present a strong business case for your success.

Collaborating was never easier

Lost organizational transparency? Spending to many emails? Overwhelmed with Meetings? Follow trends and get your team to collaborate effectively and transparently today!

Capture your audience with impressive digital presence

A strong brand is the heart and soul of your business. If your a small player or an industry leader, we can help you strengthen your presence and brand.

Move to Cloud now

The shift to cloud is helping business thrive worldwide, let us help you migrate to always connected, always available, secure and easily managed IT.

Present Reports like never before

Be informed and make intelligent decisions real time. See impact of today’s decisions on your business tomorrow.


Transforming our clients’ businesses through smart, engaging, and innovative use of technology.


Delivering innovative digital experiences through combination of business, consumer and technical insight. In one word, delivering the “impossible”.

About StratoX

Innovation of Information

Stratox Enterprises a is leading provider of technology and solutions for the automation and management of business processes. With over 50+ clients worldwide and 10+ years experience. Stratox leads the market in Business Process Management, Collaboration, Integration, Content Management Solutions and Web Solutions.

With offices in the Middle East (Dubai, Muscat) and Czech Republic (Prague), Stratox focusses on delivering the highest standards of quality thanks to experience, know-how and international team of specialists.



Number of offices


Total number of available resources


Successfully executed project

Our Approach

Stratox creates quality and innovative customized IT solutions based on client requirements. Adding our expertise and knowledge with a blend of smart software engineering, design, and digital strategy, we are fulfilling our clients most difficult challenges

  • Your Vision

    Share with us your needs, challenges and visions!

  • Our Expertise

    Based on requirements our teams will propose the best solution tailored to your needs.

  • Our Technology

    Our broad knowledge of technologies enables us to offer the most operation-efficient solution.

  • Outcome

    Sit back, enjoy the latest technology and benefits for your organization!

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We are global leaders in Business Process Management with more than few successful projects under our belts. We are driven by innovation, mainly focusing on delivering exceptional services with the latest technology based on our best-practice. We are Stratox, strategically delivering value to you organization with our know-how.

Business Process Management

Business Process Management

We help organizations to optimize their business performance by implementing a framework to automate and analyze business methodologies, metrics, process and systems that drive business performance. Based on our global IT knowledge, we can fine tune your current software products, set integration layers and propose the most efficient solution which will drive company efficiency and transparency whilst lowering operational cost.


  • Greater Efficiency
  • Reduced Costs and Higher Revenues
  • Enhanced Transparency
  • Compliance, Safety and Security
  • Improved Business Agility

Our Approach:

In order to deliver successful project, we are using our unique approach:

Engage client organization Identify focus areas Collect data Validate alternatives
Document processing workflow Document systems, schedules and operating procedures Document service levels Create business analysis Calculate ROI
Recommend automation Prescribe re-engineered business procesing procedures Define framework to track and monitor processes Develop transition plan Define system architecture
Develop a detailed project plan Develop systems or features to enhance the selected process Proceed with the QA and UAT Finalize employee transition training strategy Conduct post-project review
Provide application and process support Provide additional on site traning Re-calculate ROI Propose additional recomendations


At Stratox we work with organizations that evolve over time. They typically create disparate silos of applications and resources designed to solve individual business problems. This creates an increasingly complex, divided architecture that forces the investment of significant resources into maintenance rather than new project development. This leads to that more content flows in and out of organizations. Lately we see regulatory and compliance mandates raise pressures on IT departments - the need to control unstructured content and improve data governance is increasing. Our team can create custom applications on top of a SharePoint such as departmental specific solutions (HR, Legal, Procurement, Bid Management, IT), applications, custom workflows, reports, integrations to 3rd party systems, and more.


  • Simplify Access to Business Data
  • Connect and Empower People
  • Cut Costs with Collaboration
  • Rapidly Respond to Business Needs
  • Security and Integrity
  • Provide a Single, Integrated Platform

How SharePoint Improves Company’s Productivity

Team Collaboration

Providing an intuitive, flexible, and secure environment for sharing information.

Web Portals

Personalized enterprise website together with individuality, security and social networking capabilities.

Enterprise Search

Locating relevant data, content and resources distributed across a wide range of sites, libraries, business applications data and others.

Content Management

Creation, review and management of content, regardless of the format of the content.

Business Forms and Integration

Creation and implementation of forms that drive the enabled business operations through the use of business process workflows.

Business Intelligence

Delivery of business-critical information using a wide range of solutions to assist in the decision-making process.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

In such an increasingly digital, connected world, corporate identities can no longer be only a static markers. Current business leaders realize that to create an emotionally powerful and highly valued brand, they must represent an emotionally based idea beyond the product or service they offer. A brand without personality is a brand without a soul.


  • Engaging Social Media
  • Dynamic Designs
  • Powerful Videos and Animations
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Latest Trends

Our Approach

Although a corporate identity is a small component of the overall brand expression, it remains the first connection made with the consumer’s mind. We are not designing logos, we are producers of engaging and compelling experiences!

Understand Project Gather requierements
Design Development
Out of the box design Proper coding practises
Proper Testing Bug Fixing
Timely Launch Happy Clients
Ongoin Support
Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Stratox is offering one of the best solutions from Microsoft for Business Intelligence – the powerful Power BI. This is a suite of business analytics tools that can easily integrate with your existing applications to provide you with advanced business analytics and interactive data visualization through rich dashboards accessible on every device.
Our teams will help you analyze your business data, merge all into one single destination so you can focus on making the right decisions for your company.


  • Pre-built Dashboards and Reports
  • Real-time Dashboard Updates
  • Secure, Live Connections
  • On-Premises and in the Cloud
  • Integrated with your Microsoft Products

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

​The world is changing. The strict barrier separating working hours and private life disappeared, people wish to connect with corporate systems anytime and anywhere and use their own devices while doing so. In a highly competitive environment companies are seeking ways how to streamline their activities, gain new customers and increase their revenue. Cloud Computing services, which are one of the possible forms of outsourcing, are designed to respond to these trends exactly.


  • Software as Service
  • Pay as You Go
  • Always-on Availability
  • Drive Mobility
  • Enable Collaboration
  • Scalable Capacity

Our Approach

We have an extensive experience in outsourcing & cloud at all service levels. We can provide comprehensive services from the feasibility study through various cloud forms (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) to project risk management when companies consider switching to cloud. Our customers are not forced into a one-time full-scale change of the existing ICT environment. They can control the pace of the switch to cloud services depending on the lifecycle of the existing hardware and software, risk management plan, their business plan, ends users' readiness and other factors. We cooperate with technological leaders and we completely implement both of the office cloud platforms – Google Apps and Office 365. Thus we can always give our customers the optimal solution according to their needs and requirements.



We are global leaders in Business Process Management with more than few successful projects under our belts. We are driven by innovation, mainly focusing on delivering exceptional services with the latest technology based on our best-practice. We are Stratox, strategically delivering value to you organization with our know-how.

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